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New Writing Blog!

Hey guys! Here to inform you I have finally opened my new writing blog, Nautical-Nuance!!! It will hold all of my writings, stories, poems, doodles what not!
Can’t promise I’ll be doing more fandom things (except the MarcelinePB one because that’s a work in progress still) but I may open prompts and I won’t be apposed to pairings haha so yeah! 
Thank you so much for the support on this blog, it really means a lot and keeps me going when I’m feeling down knowing you all enjoyed my stories, thanks you so much!

Much love,
Nann <3

The Kings and Queens of Broken Hearts


These average faces
and over-used names
blowing out smoke
and unleashing flames

Distracting the rulers
They use any means
to break all the hearts
of the Great Kings and Queens

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ah-gav asked: know whats weird? i go to all different types of mavin fic rec tabs on ppls blogs, and somehow i always manage to end up on your blog at least once. i love it!

Thank you very much, I haven’t updated in so long, I really appreciate you sending me this though :))

ficcyshit asked: I was rereading Lights Out and "My Body" by Young the Giant came on about twenty words in to the epilogue. It was an unexpectedly pleasant combination. I liked reading the story to it's conclusion with the song. Food for thought?

I had never heard that song before! I just looked it up and that’s definitely credit rolling material haha if that were a movie I’d hella play that. This is so sweet, I love messages like this, thank you :)

Anonymous asked: will you post your Marceline/PB here or do you have an other blog, or website ? 'cause I seriously want to read everything that you wrote.

Gosh that’s so sweet, thank you! I will post the link on this site when I finish it!

Unfinished RTAU fics

Hey guys! As you know I kind of stopped writing for the RT fandom but I decided to go through and give you all my unfinished works. There are a few different pairings and they skip around a bit, but I give permission to anyone to finish these or take the idea or whatever. All I ask is for you to link me back to the story if you do, I wanna read it! ;) Enjoy!

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